Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hey, I put a nice photo-show of my family; things I love, and what I believe in at the bottom of this blog - hope you enjoy it.

Natalia is the newest member of our family. She was in a pensive mood on Christmas; didn't want her picture taken. Frankly, I think she was trying to see if her tiny fingers on her left hand could walk across the plump little hill on her right hand.
Usually I don't put family photos on this blog; it's pretty much for photography, art-work that Robin Urton completes (a great lady I think), and some craft ideas.
But, the idea is to 'make it pretty, please' in your household, so pretty is in the eye of the beholder, and pretty is as pretty does....Natalia is pretty caught up in her own little experiment.
Happy New Year one more time.

Well, my beautiful tree on the side 'distappeared'.....

I used the Pyzam template; there used to be a lovely tree on a cliff and now my computer shows it's all 'distappeared' (distappeared is what my youngest son would say when he'd finished his dinner). Distappeared or disappeared, I'm very 'distappointed'.....

We had a wonderful Christmas; putting up a few pictures I took while we were visiting one of my favorite towns (Laguna Beach, CA). We lived in this area for 17 years before retiring to Nevada (miss the beach, but not the traffic and high prices).

Just wanted to add those photos and wish everyone a very happy new year - tomorrow we start the '09' - seems like only yesterday we were worrying about the Y2K bug (that never happened).

So, remember to write those checks with the '09' (although I bet the bank will accept your mortgage payment regardless of what year you put on it).

It's been a difficult 2008 for millions - 2009 doesn't promise to improve much, but I'm betting 2010 might see us all doing a whole lot better and certainly we'll all be stronger and more appreciate of what we have, and what is truly important in our lives after the 'rough and tumble' of this current year's events.

So, now it's time for me to add some pretty photos to the side-bar.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

My sister knows how to make it pretty and ever so healing...

You can read all about how she helps others relax; improve their health, and get the most out of life - a month of Tuesday afternoons....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One of my favorite old post cards from my collection....

Today I was doing my 'blog reading' found this great lady at "I-Post", and what a great idea she has. She is collecting post cards - trying to get 1 from each of the 50 states in the USA. She also displays some of the beautiful stamps that arrive on some of her mail.
I figured I'd share a few of mine from time-to-time, but I think it would be great if you'd visit her blog and see what she's working on - possibly you can add to her collection.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome to 'Make it Pretty Please'

I've made a lovely photo-show at the bottom of this blog (so you could view it at full-width), of my family. I added it to my because on that blog, I created the play-list to accompany the slide-show; another place that I think I've made very pretty.
Another pretty place is; my family's slide show is also on this site - a site focused on not just Tuesday afternoon, but all of the days you have to spend time with your family and children. That blog is intended to give parents and grandparents, some ideas on how to have fun with the family; enjoy their times together, without spending excessive dollars. I hope you enjoy your visits, and if you'll click onto the side-bar picture of those pretty purple mountains, you'll visit me 'at my home'. That's it - enjoy the music.....

From the Aunty Cookie blog spot - link is on the side-bar.

You can see how simple - yet, how pretty this is! Do you have a concrete-block basement? Did you ever think of using that basement wall to create a back-drop for a series of photos of your family & children?
Have your kids use chalk if you don't have paint (or
want to scrub it off). Let them write a message; then they group in front
of their 'art-work' - be sure to let the 'message show'. Not just words,
but flowers - all kinds of scenes; have them draw their pet or favorite
Once it's all completed; take
several shots with your camera - pick your favorite one and print. Make up
cards - enlarge, and just make it a frame-work for the great photo of the loved
one that you want to 'capture' on film.
Making 'it pretty' doesn't have to be expensive - just thoughtful and creative; let your mind run with it - each and every Tuesday afternoon...take a break from the daily grind.


I love the way Robin creates her art-work. Now who'd think of painting a beautiful lady with a blue face? Did you think this woman was relaxing with her 'facial masque' that is gently fragranced with peppermint or lavendar?

Robin named this piece ENERGY RISING - possibly a blue facial mask is just what you need to get your energy rising!

If you want to make it pretty - please, save your money on expensive masks, and use your own food extract to 'flavor' and 'scent' a mask made up of egg-white and honey! You can use the egg-yolks (whipped up) as part of your shampoo regime; shampoo once - then mix in the egg - work through your hair, and shampoo out (it leaves a luster that you'll love).

Take time to 'pamper yourself' - every TUESDAY AFTERNOON - you've probably worked hard all day Monday, so put that music on - enjoy the quiet of your Tuesday...

You can visit Robin's web-site - see all her beautiful and inspiring art at

...this young lady who paints, inspires me - I even got out my sketch pad again this week - I'm making a few lines that are taking shape.


I bet you can find those specials where you buy 10 for $1.00 notebooks - 'back to school'...

I invested in a set of 24 scissors with a variety of cutting edges that make this type of 'edge' when I trim the sheets.

All I do is separate about 10 'sections' of
that note-book; then I start trimming with 10 different

I use inexpensive felt markers that I buy at
the dollar store - I hold the marker at the 'edge' of each trimmed sheet - move
it swiftly (for an artsy look) along the cut border; just as this sample

I use real SCRAPS of wrapping paper; fabric - ribbon - anything that is 'pretty', and I glue it on the front as I create a frame-work so I can glue-stick a lovely photo. The photo might be from my camera; it might be from a great magazine that's captured just the right picture.

If you want to use the self-stick lettering (it's usually inexpensive) that's great. If you don't have any handy, go to your computer; make a variety of type-styles that you enlarge at 24 to 72 point; you pick the ink colors; the 'font', and print out sheets. Cut those letters with one of the scissors that allows for a 'boo-boo' if you don't cut perfectly.

Trim the letters out; lay the wording down
'hap-hazardly' so it has a free-form look. If you're making a journal for
someone who's picture you have, scan that - trim; glue-stick, and then trim it
out with scraps of ribbon.

Put your brain and creative thinking to work;
not your credit card. Something made with love, is received with love -
regardless of how 'perfect' you might think it is.

After you've photographed something beautiful, paint it - even if it's not perfect!

This isn't tough to paint; however, if you think it is - just make some beautiful 'splashes' of color in the same shape - you'll love it.
We also love this link:

In half an hour, you'll have a beautiful PHOTO SHOW!

What a delightful surprise for friends and family - make it pretty; please, with special photos of your loved ones!
"Bella on the Beach" is what I named this photo of my newest great grandchild - she says 'hello'.....
Here's a sample of a photo show I built in less than 1/2 hour - you can do it too! It's all free - free - nice word.....
If you decide to create a photoshow that features all the many Christmas's you've had with your family, consider making a photo-blog. I've made one with some of my favorite Christmas ornaments; all in silver and gold. I created a play-list of 100 Christmas songs - often I enjoy the music not only during the holiday, but any afternoon I want to look at those photos again. I've done this with Easter music; I enjoy the story of the Christ's birth often - and because of that, I like to look at the montage of those events, so I created both this slide-show, and a selection of Easter and inspirational melodies on another blog.
I'm not the only great grandmother
Bella has; however, Bella lost her great grandmother to cancer, and when we all
felt that loss, I created a memory page not only for Bella's great grandmother,
but for a few others we still miss.
You can see those blogs and hear
that music here:

Sunday, April 6, 2008


If they can do this, so can you! Think how much fun it would be to use that great new plastic lawn furniture this way! A pond? Your pool - the shallow end! No messes to clean up if they spill the lemonade. Your dog will pop in; your cat will run the other way!
Speaking of cats, they're known to take away the life of a mouse. Well, my AA batteries are known to take away the life of my 'mouse'.
I left some of those links I like, way at the bottom of the page - let's spare your they are again!
Have a great summer; have a great life, in fact!


When you're embarrassed, your body releases adrenaline. This hormone acts as a natural stimulant and has an array of effects on your body that are all part of the fight-or-flight response.
Adrenaline speeds up your breathing and heart rate to prepare you to run from danger. It causes your pupils to grow bigger to allow you to take in as much visual information as possible. It slows down your digestive process so that the energy can be redirected to your muscles.
All of these effects account for the jolt you feel when you find yourself embarrassed.

Adrenaline also causes your blood vessels to dilate (called vasodilation), in order to improve blood-flow and oxygen delivery. This is the case with blushing.

The veins in your face respond to a signal from the chemical transmitter adenylyl cyclase, which tells the veins to allow the adrenaline to do its magic. As a result, the veins in your face dilate, allowing more blood to flow through them than usual, creating the reddened appearance that tells others you're embarrassed. In other words, adrenaline causes more local blood flow in your cheeks.

I love the 'blush' - that comes from the sun; after you've put on your sun-blocker, head out and enjoy it...Vitamin D can't work well without it! Stay bronzed and stay healthy!

Robin Urton's art:

Get recipes for good health:


Robin might make her living as an artist, but we all know that the daily chores 'must go on'.
You can use your lap-top to create some efficient ways to 'buy more time' to paint; hike outside - get that fresh air you like so much.
Some of the things I've done to open up time for myself are:
I put all my household inventory on my computer - not only is it located as to where I 'store things' (so I can find them later), but it's perfect for my home insurance (photos included).
I've created all my menus and shopping list - they're coordinated; I print it all before I shop, and it helps me save money.

I've set up my shopping list in order of the
store - saves time; I don't forget things.

I've put the average cost of the foods on the
list - keeps my budget in line (add a 10% to that total amount - just in case the prices have changed a bit).

I put all my poetry on a 'blog' - I can edit; change, and it's there for my family and friends to read when they want - when I'm no longer 'on this earth', it will still be there - nice, I think.

Get family photos and history 'up on a blog' -
the world can see them; other readers are inspired to do the same, and again - your memories are 'permanent' (we're not).

Pop those ideas that work for you on a 'blog' -
share, and make new friends.

I put my diet and exercise list up not only for
me, but for others - it just might help someone else.

I don't play games on my computer; I prefer to
create something that lasts longer than a 'score' that is meaningless in the scope of life. If you do make a game, make up ones that your children can play and learn from.

Let your children have a blog - you can oversee
it; this will keep them happily occupied. Remember, when they're writing, they are 'spelling' - part of their education is to learn to read and write and to spell - can't beat a 'blog' for this.
The technology of the lap-top allows us to enjoy that sunshine; we think and work better in the fresh open air - smell the flowers; hear the birds, and craft your latest recipe 'in the sun' - or the shade of your favorite tree!


One of Robin Urton's beautiful paintings - probably done on a Tuesday Afternoon - maybe quite a few 'Tuesdays', but that's all it takes if you keep doing it each week and don't give up on yourself!
You can see more of Robin's art at:

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here's Robin working on another painting. You can see all of her artwork at If you like to 'dabble', a rainy or gloomy day is a great time to start!

TUESDAY AFTERNOON - make it a time to do something that relaxes and interests you; unwind - get the children involved; nothing better than children's art-work; truthful renditions!

The nice thing is - you can do your paintings outside...landscapes; flowers - or what Robin's doing (that easel is portable)!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


After you find a few cartoons you like, print out a few of them.

Get those cute decorative scissors that make the trim 'fancy'....

Cut each 'strip' - have the kids write letters to grandma & grandpa - aunts - uncles; friends, etc. Let them write a quick note on the BACK of the strips you've cut - maybe put a little glitter on the strip - tuck it in with your letter, or let them send their own.

Get out your newspaper; clip a local human-interest story - something that you think gramps would like - slip that in too!

Throw in a few of the very large paper clips - those older folks tend to buy those tiny ones, and they never work as good. Have the kids sort out all the red, white, and blue clips - send to someone who's in the armed-forces; a nice thought....

Decorate the envelope with thumb and finger-prints of the children - add yours as well. If they can finger-print us at the bank and we don't mind that ink all that much, a little ink in a pretty color would be a nice way to 'personalize' the envelope (and cover up any coffee stains at the same time).
Now it's time for Calvin - here's your link:


Now you can 'head out too' - do some other reading & surfing; the music stays with you on your computer tray!

In fact, make up your OWN MUSIC - that will keep you occupied for a couple hours!

Start your own FREE account:


How about we start organizing all those photos!

If you've got a computer; start scanning - saving to a folder - make a disc (if you know how without asking someone). When you scan 4 to a page (as you can do), you really reduce the bulk and can more easily store them in a handy 3-ring binder or album just special for those things!

Once you've sorted the picture, be sure you don't scramble them all back up again.
Get an inexpensive box
of baggies (sandwich size) - sort by category; person - event, etc.
Slip them in - seal
them - mark them with "P" (not 'b' - that's another poem), and keep them free
from dust and bending - no more broken edges. If the box was 'good' - use it
again; if not, make a note to find something that's not too costly the next time
you go shopping. No need to waste that expensive gasoline - enjoy your cataloging; and the sun!