Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In half an hour, you'll have a beautiful PHOTO SHOW!

What a delightful surprise for friends and family - make it pretty; please, with special photos of your loved ones!
"Bella on the Beach" is what I named this photo of my newest great grandchild - she says 'hello'.....
Here's a sample of a photo show I built in less than 1/2 hour - you can do it too! It's all free - free - nice word.....
If you decide to create a photoshow that features all the many Christmas's you've had with your family, consider making a photo-blog. I've made one with some of my favorite Christmas ornaments; all in silver and gold. I created a play-list of 100 Christmas songs - often I enjoy the music not only during the holiday, but any afternoon I want to look at those photos again. I've done this with Easter music; I enjoy the story of the Christ's birth often - and because of that, I like to look at the montage of those events, so I created both this slide-show, and a selection of Easter and inspirational melodies on another blog.
I'm not the only great grandmother
Bella has; however, Bella lost her great grandmother to cancer, and when we all
felt that loss, I created a memory page not only for Bella's great grandmother,
but for a few others we still miss.
You can see those blogs and hear
that music here: