Sunday, April 6, 2008


Robin might make her living as an artist, but we all know that the daily chores 'must go on'.
You can use your lap-top to create some efficient ways to 'buy more time' to paint; hike outside - get that fresh air you like so much.
Some of the things I've done to open up time for myself are:
I put all my household inventory on my computer - not only is it located as to where I 'store things' (so I can find them later), but it's perfect for my home insurance (photos included).
I've created all my menus and shopping list - they're coordinated; I print it all before I shop, and it helps me save money.

I've set up my shopping list in order of the
store - saves time; I don't forget things.

I've put the average cost of the foods on the
list - keeps my budget in line (add a 10% to that total amount - just in case the prices have changed a bit).

I put all my poetry on a 'blog' - I can edit; change, and it's there for my family and friends to read when they want - when I'm no longer 'on this earth', it will still be there - nice, I think.

Get family photos and history 'up on a blog' -
the world can see them; other readers are inspired to do the same, and again - your memories are 'permanent' (we're not).

Pop those ideas that work for you on a 'blog' -
share, and make new friends.

I put my diet and exercise list up not only for
me, but for others - it just might help someone else.

I don't play games on my computer; I prefer to
create something that lasts longer than a 'score' that is meaningless in the scope of life. If you do make a game, make up ones that your children can play and learn from.

Let your children have a blog - you can oversee
it; this will keep them happily occupied. Remember, when they're writing, they are 'spelling' - part of their education is to learn to read and write and to spell - can't beat a 'blog' for this.
The technology of the lap-top allows us to enjoy that sunshine; we think and work better in the fresh open air - smell the flowers; hear the birds, and craft your latest recipe 'in the sun' - or the shade of your favorite tree!